Our Mission

Drinks For Democracy of SWFL Inc. is a Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Organization created to spread awareness here in our local community regarding Florida election laws & rules, important dates, what issues are on the ballots, local, state and federal races, who is currently holding office, who is running, overall local civics education, and resources for potential candidates. We run ENTIRELY on Donations!!

Voter turnout for Midterms & Primary Races are the lowest In years. In 2020 only about 28% of REGISTERED VOTERS VOTED!!

Over the last 30 years, countless organizations have spent billions of dollars to convince the working class, and Blue Collar America that our vote doesn’t matter, that our vote won’t count and to just give up. And frankly, their investments have paid off because we are handing elections over to anyone wealthy enough to run. Which is why we created Drinks For Democracy of SWFL Inc. To give people a social place to ask questions, learn about local government and how to get involved. We are the people of Southwest Florida. The servers, the builders, the doers, the families, the community – we deserve better. Better water, better schools, better communities to raise our children in. The only way to better, is to educate, spread awareness, and shine a light on how our local, states, and federal government actually works, and is supposed to work for us!!


We host social mixers all over Southwest Florida as an icebreaker to start having the necessary conversations within our community regarding:

• How our state, federal & local governments works

• How we can get involved and shape our communities to benefit generations to come

• Resources for election information and voter registration

• Guidance for anyone interested in volunteering, getting involved with local organizations or running for office.

• And most importantly, save American Democracy one drink at a time!

If you are interested in hosting an event or want to learn more about Drinks For Democracy of SWFL Inc., click HERE.